Anyone else having trouble with the new Visual Studio Update?

I updated Visual Studio 2019 to the latest version, after a reboot, my browser gave an error about a missing file, so I downloaded a fix, so I thought it was over. When I went back to the project, I noticed that the inheritance such as MonoBehaviour or SpriptableObject, whatever was in white rather than green(dark mode). It seems Intellisense isn’t quite working. Anyone else having this problem? If someone has a workaround, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

I deleted all the meta files along with the solution just to be safe, then re imported all assets. At that point VS was complaining about missing components, in this case it was .net stuff. So imported that, it needed to restart VS. Finally, after all that, inheritance turned green! YEH!!! I hope this helps someone else that might be having similar issues.