Anyone ever experience not smooth Slerping?

Hello, I use some Slerps to move my camera around my scene. My problem is after painting some more textures on my terrain my slerp isn’t smooth. The animation appears jagged and delayed. Almost like the slerp is happening every other frame. It goes smooth for what seems like a few milliseconds then pauses, then continues giving it a “jagged” look. This is for android development.

Beyond that it’s only on one device, my Samsung Galaxy s3.

What confuses me even more, is my droid x2 doesn’t have this problem. Which is extremely strange. My S3 runs at low to mid 50 FPS and the slerp isn’t smooth.

However on my droid x2 I get low 30’s on my FPS but the slerping is smooth.

    DoINeedToResetBecauseOfThePinch = true;
    thisT.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, currentCameraRotation.rotation, Time.deltaTime * 2.05f);
    thisT.position = Vector3.Slerp(transform.position, currentCameraRotation.position, Time.deltaTime * 1.55f);
	if (Mathf.Abs((transform.position.x - currentCameraRotation.position.x)) < 0.25f) {
		doCameraMove = false;
		timeToMove = Time.time + 0.5f;

Anyone have any thoughts? This only appeared to happen after I added 1 more texture to my terrain (for a total of 2 textures.)

The problem randomly went away, I can’t explain how or why this was happening.