Anyone Experiencing Problems With Lion & Unity?


Is anyone else experiencing problems with Lion and Unity? I’ve been using the developer release of lion for about a week or so, and it just does not like Unity. After a certain amount of time, Unity freezes completely, causing my mac to lock up and I cant do anything. I end up pulling the power. Ive restarted my computer about 23 times today already.

Just wondering if anyone else if having this problem, and what might be causing it?

Unity 3.3 does not work on Lion. Unity 3.4 is however guaranteed to work on Lion. Lion officially comes out this thursday I believe, and I think there’s a good chance Unity 3.4 will be released before/around that date.

So you’ll have to wait a few days. :wink:

It seems like Unity 3.3 does work on Lion. At least I haven’t had any problem so far.

And people in the Unity forums also seems to be optimistic so far (At least if you read posts after Lion has been released):

using Unity 3.4 and OSX Lion. -

every time I try to import an .fbx into unity from blender, my whole machine restarts. So far my work around is to move the fbx files directly into the project folder. This works to some extent, but if I alter any of the import settings and click apply, I get another restart crash. I really hope they fix this soon, as I only use fbx models to keep the project’s size down, and I’m at a total standstill on all my projects. I didn’t have this problem before I got Lion. Also, I updated to the new Unity as soon as I had Lion installed, so I’m not sure if older versions of Unity would do the same thing or not.