Anyone have a zombie prefab?

I was wondering if anyone had free a few zombie prefabs that i could use, im very very new ot unity like a week or two, and im trying to make a zombie game,but alas i can't because i don't have any zombie prefabs or anything.


This is not the place for that kind of question... If you want, you could post it HERE... But this is Unity Answers, not Unity Free Prefabs. I sugest you make your own, by using Photoshop, and Blender, thats a great place to start... Also, making a zombie game (Assuming you want to make a 3d zombie shooter) is a hard thing to do... I sugest you start with a less-complex game... Like, the ones HERE... I wish you good luck!

The other answers are correct. That said, you can make your own animated zombie for free at

check out a website called turbosquid (just google it) it has literealy thousands of 3d models just make sure u get a modle unity can use

You can rip models from games using gameassasin this program rip character models in T-pose