Anyone having trouble with new Quicktime?

I never bothered to install Quicktime before, but now I have, for Windows. It’s version 7.1 or 7.7 I believe. Regardless, I’ve not been able to get any video to import correctly into Unity. Everything comes up black, no matter how small or what format I use. I’m thinking maybe Unity doesn’t play well with the new version of Quicktime? But I’m not getting any errors.

I’ve also tried several smaller movies I’ve downloaded from the internet in various format’s including .mov. Not a single animation shows up in Unity. All show up as black screens. I believe this is a bug/conflict with the new Quicktime.

Hello. Unity doesn’t play movieTextures as default. you should put a script on the object that has the movieTexture material. Use this:

public class MovieScript : MonoBehaviour {		

	public MovieTexture mainTex;

	void Start () {  
		mainTex = (MovieTexture)renderer.material.GetTexture("_MainTex");
	void Update () { 
		mainTex.loop = true;

hope it helps :slight_smile: