anyone know the maths to take into account Bounciness when calculating trajectories?

Um.. following on from this question

Does anyone know the maths that would take the bounciness of the rigidBodies physical material into account when im calculating my guideLines? As I cant change the Bounciness, without spoiling the pool table 'feel' of the physics.

Thanks in advance, Glenno

The "bounciness" is also called the "coefficient of restitution" in rigid body physics circles. For a good introduction see Baraffs classic paper (pg. G47, eqn. 8-18 for the impulse 'j'. 'Epsilon' is the restitution). Also see this answer for computing the impulse needed to achieve a desired rotation in Unity which describes the particulars of Unity's (i.e. PhysX') representation of inertia.

The Baraff paper shows how to compute the change in linear and angular velocity of a rigid body once you have the collision impulse 'j'. With this you information you should be able to replicate PhsyX' collision response.