Anyone knows about dotween example error?

I’m not an English speaker, so please excuse my lack of English.

I downloaded DoTween examples at oddical dotween site, i have some errors.

Here are some.

Assets\DOTween Examples\CustomPlugin Example\CustomRangePlugin.cs(64,26): error CS0115: ‘CustomRangePlugin.EvaluateAndApply(NoOptions, Tween, bool, DOGetter, DOSetter, float, CustomRange, CustomRange, float, bool, UpdateNotice)’: no suitable method found to override
Assets\DOTween Examples\CustomPlugin Example\CustomRangePlugin.cs(17,14): error CS0534: ‘CustomRangePlugin’ does not implement inherited abstract member ‘ABSTweenPlugin.EvaluateAndApply(NoOptions, Tween, bool, DOGetter, DOSetter, float, CustomRange, CustomRange, float, bool, int, UpdateNotice)’

How can I solve this error?

One more question, if I have a question about an error, where should I post it on the board, is this the right place?

i solved it by rewriting the method and replaced code. here is my code

    // Calculates the value based on the given time and ease
    public override void EvaluateAndApply(NoOptions options, Tween t, bool isRelative, DOGetter<CustomRange> getter, DOSetter<CustomRange> setter, float elapsed, CustomRange startValue, CustomRange changeValue, float duration, bool usingInversePosition, int newCompletedSteps, UpdateNotice updateNotice)
        //throw new NotImplementedException();
        float easeVal = EaseManager.Evaluate(t, elapsed, duration, t.easeOvershootOrAmplitude, t.easePeriod);

        // Here I use startValue directly because CustomRange a struct, so it won't reference the original.
        // If CustomRange was a class, I should create a new one to pass to the setter
        startValue.min += changeValue.min * easeVal;
        startValue.max += changeValue.max * easeVal;

same but idk worked for me