Anyone used the 'Multiplay' dedicated game server hosting from Unity?

Has anyone used this service?

There seems to be very little information and documentation on it, and no pricing listed.

What is the future for Multiplay?
Is this another multiplayer product Unity is going to can in a year's time?

I've been considering integrating Amazon GameLift but the sheer amount of documentation and work involved to get a client and server running in Unity and configured on GameLift seems like a massive task.

Any other good suggestions for a scalable dedicated game server offering would also be appreciated.


EDIT : After 10 days, still no response from anyone at Multiplay. I will be moving ahead with Agones and OpenMatch from Google Cloud Platform.

I don’t think Multiplay is available to small developers and if it is, the cost is probably high.

I recommending to host the game on DigitalOcean, its starts from 5$/m
The downside hosting on dedicated server is the requirement to learn Linux, its not that hard but takes a few hours to learn.

Not true, Windows Server and dedicated hosting for it is a thing.

Well little surprise here, no response from sales after two business days.

From what I’ve been researching, Google Cloud’s Agones and OpenMatch look like an excellent dedicated server hosting orchestration and match making solution, with instant feedback and questions answered from the Devs themselves on the Slack Channel.

Linux is much cheaper solution, You can host your headless server on Windows server, but it can cost a lot more of money than regular Linux server.
I also found that my Mirror server does not work as it should on Windows server.

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Multiplay is probably going to stick around for a while.

They could start by having a responsive sales team, I get nervous when business take longer than 3 business days to respond (especially when it comes to sales).

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Fair enough, I didn’t consider Windows licensing. Also Agones has mature support for Linux containers.
Now I’ll just need to see if I can build a server version of my game for Linux!

I got my game working over amazon gamelift. It’s definitely not easy though. But at least you can write both server and client in unity. you then just build the project to linux and upload to server. The amazon docs are pretty poor.

Basically I use AWS cognito for user poorl/authentification. That connects through AWS lambda, to send requests to Gamelift. And the server is running on a gamelift fleet.

Can’t for a “Unity” style solution. they usually make things much more user friendly.

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My concern was that there was just too much documentation. I mean swathes and swathes of stuff to read. Even getting Unity setup with the .NET Amazon SDK seemed like a monumental feat in itself. But yes, the whole documentation around the client SDK was lacking, and I was looking around all over the place for useful info, but kept hitting brick walls.

I feel ya. Here are some resources I found helpful in case you go that route.

For an overview of the process:

Getting AWS SDK installed:

For the server, you need the C# Gamelift Server SDK ← easy to use.
For the client you need the C# AWS sdk for .NET 2.0 ← hard to use.

Tutorial on lambda/cognito

But yeah… I think the whole community is waiting for multiplay integration to ease this process…

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What do you mean by Multiplay Integration?

I contacted Multiplay over 10 days ago, still no response from anyone. Not sure I would be excited about wanting to integrate something from Unity that seems dead or poorly managed.