Anyone using Google Sketchup?

Is anyone around here using Google Sketch up for their Unity games?
If you are how is it going for you? What are you using it for? And what are the problems you see because of using it?

I really like Sketchup and would love to start modeling but I do not want to get back into modeling in it if it has a whole bunch of problems. Thanks!

A lot of people on here will tell you it sucks. Mainly because of double faces. However, I’ve modeled with it, and once you get a hang of identifying those, its a very good program, especially for new modelers IMHO. The double faces stick out like sore thumbs because you’ll see them fighting for display on the axis as you scroll around. I have 3ds max, blender, and sketchup pro, and prefer sketchup for many reasons.

If you use it well, keep everything clean, it should be the same or close to optimized as any other modeling software. What I love about sketchup is how precise you can be. It lets you know if you’ve formed a perfect square, which is useful for architectural modeling and texturing. And it shows mid-points, allows you to reference other points. Watch a few tutorials and mess with it a bit, try and make a simple few models and you should get the hang of it very quickly. As of now, I’m working on a game in which I’ve modeled roads, buildings, houses, and some other more special places :).

Another thing to keep in mind, it’s hard to export your models properly without PRO version, which has FBX export. And when you do export, DO NOT DELETE original sketchup file of you’re model because sketchup will not recognize the fbx file if you try to open it that way. But yeah, when you import into Unity using Sketchup PRO FBX, it imports perfectly. Goodluck! and keep an eye out for my game trailer within the next year lol.

PS TRIMBLE SKETCHUP WAREHOUSE has a lot of free models for sketchup, but the bulk of them are crap in my opinion, but you might find some cool stuff on there. I’ts always better to make it all on your own though because it turns out much better and feels like it belongs.

so yeah basically I love google sketchup. at first I taught myself, but then got help from videos on complicated stuff. I dont have the pro version so I use an autodesk convertor which works fine for dae to fbx.
sorry for my english.

Thanks bpears!
Have you ever textured with google Sketchup? And do you have any tutorial videos I should look at that involve Unity3D?