Anyway to disable editing when playing?

Or is there a way to to keep those changes after I have stopped playing. It happens me too often that I edit my scene and don’t notice that game playing. Just laid out twenty waypoints, starting to test if those work, see that game is playing and realize I just wasted 15 min.

I often try to keep “maximize on Play” enabled, that prevents me from editing, but not always. Best would be if unity could ask to keep or discard changes after playing.

No, there isn’t as far as I know. You should just learn to keep in mind that what is created in the editor while the game is playing is created “at runtime” and is not actually part of the start up scene. Think of it the same way as instantiating objects through a script.

There are scripts you can find in the asset store e.g. PlayModePersist or you can just copy the object in play mode, stop the game and paste the object.