Anyway to practice on the go?

So I am in high school, and I don’t have my computer at like all during school,

However I do have a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Is there anyway I can do any “practices” or learn more on the go? Like I know I could answer “Unity Answers” on unity forums, but I never know if it’s texted or not.

I am aware of LearnSolo, but that doesn’t run the same version of C# I believe.

Thanks for your time, and I apologize if this seems dumb.

I’d suggest you watch videos on YouTube about subjects that you’re interested in, or read articles on Medium or from other random websites/blogs. You’ll usually get some ideas to try out when you get home this way. Typically you’ll find the devil is in the details and need to look more stuff up later. It’ll snow ball this way for a while, and hopefully along the way you develop something more tailored to your own learning style.