AO Issues?

I am not sure what is going on, i tried a lot of resolutions and other settings always the same no matter what..
Here is a Screenshot of some objects with shadow issues... Maybe my lightmap parameters are too low? I have to increase something? UVs not properly done? please need some help

I had that same issue in my scenes. When I use Directional Specular I always get those artefacts try switching to Directional. I also disable AO and use a AO plugin that is giving me better results. No need to set the baked resolution that high it only takes ages to bake.

Thank you… what plugin is that? If i swith to directional am i losing realism? Do you think the indirect resolution is ok?

Try 1 or .5 or even lower to just do a test bake. For baked resolution try 15 first. I use SSAO Pro asset. The build-in ao works correct when you don’t use directional specular this mode gives me always weird artefacts. For realtime Gi set it to 0.5 or lower works great.