API problem

So I have been given access to an unreleased API and I’m having trouble recieving information from the server.

I have read through the pre-written Unity3D code by the API developer which is supposed link me between Unity3D and the server. For the most part I understand it. I understand completely what it is doing, there are some parts of code that I am yet to wrap my head around, but that’s not what this is about.

There is an important bool method that I am trying to use to return me either a true or false statement concerning someone’s login status. I should be able to call the method, input the parameters of my login details and receive a tokenId confirming my login status.

From reading through the scripts given to me, I figured out that this is the method’s pipeline:

  1. I call the method and input the parameters
  2. The method first creates all the necessary variables (Using Hashtables and strings). It also sets the tokenID to " "
  3. It gathers the information I fed in through the parameters of the method and sends them off to be encoded by the provided JSON script.
  4. After the encoding has been completed, a query formed from my parameters is sent to the server
  5. Another method is called and the server is Read for the output or reply to my query and here is where I am getting my error.
    A try, catch, finally set-up has been written here and it seems to be catching something it doesn’t like. A: catch (Exception e) is stopping the code there and returning my dreaded error code.

I’m really sorry I can’t post the script at all, but it is a confidential API in the time being.

If there is any more information you really need to know about the code to help, I’ll see what else I can post!
Here are some keywords from the method I am getting the error in:

I have been at it for a week now and haven’t got anywhere :frowning:


The only thing that was wrong was that the server URL started with an https
I took off the s and it worked fine