(API updater keeps failing)Unity3d 5 beta: My stuff got corrupted after unity 5 install? Hundreds of errors for no apparent reason

Okay, so like I have said before, I have made the unwise decision to upgrade to unity 5 mid-project. My latest backup was a week-a few days ago, and I don’t know why I did not create a backup directly before installing.(Its a long story)
Anyway, I DID create a backup before doing the API updater, but when I launched unity I realized that the API update would likely stop all these errors of

   "__ is not a member of unity engine.component" and a few itween errors and
 "_ is obsolite" errors

So I decided to run the API updater, and I didn’t work and said it had failed. So, I re-started uinty3d and did it again, and… No luck. Now what do I do?


I have installed unity3d 5 and converted my project to unity 5 format, like when unity 4 was out, but this time most of my assets and scripts log hundreds of errors(in total)
I don’t have the time or knowledge to fix each one, and there must be some way to fix them all?
I have never had this happen before and don’t know exactly what to do. I just wanted to use unity3d 5, right now, I almost want to go back to unity 4 so I don’t have errors.(But I do not think that would work)

That’s normal. Seriously. When you upgrade to a new version, you always plan for crazy things like this. Unity’s upgrader even tells you to make a backup.

Most pros won’t upgrade until they start a new project. Many wait until the point-1 version, so other people can find the bugs.

And the errors you got are in the patch notes. They say that many dot-renderer, etc… shortcuts were removed, and are now GetComponent. That’s why you always read the patch notes. It took me 10 minutes to skim them yesterday, and I saw that. Decided I’d need 3-4 days, just to be sure, before even attempting it.

Maybe you trashed a week’s worth of work. You have to do this at once in your life – everyone one learns backup lessons the hard way – so now you have.

I think I experienced the same thing you’re describing, and I was able to stop all of the errors by going into terrain settings (upper left corner) and unchecking “lightmap static”.

pretty sure if you deleted that version of unity, and went to the earlier version, you’d skip all those errors.

Can you take a screen shot of the errors you found? Without at least an idea of what issues you’re running into, it’s hard to offer reasonable/relevant suggestions.