Apk default size


I’m concerned about the size of my apk. I tried to create a new 2d project with no asset in it.
When i build the apk for my phone (Android). The size of the apk is 10MB and the size of the installed application is 35MB

Is it normal ?
Is there a way to reduce the size of the apk ?

Thank you for your help,

hi , do Strip Byte Code, Use .NET 2.0 Subset, Set Script Optimization to “Fast but no exceptions”, Vertex Compression to “Everything”, and optimize mesh data. check all your textures /images compressing
alt text

Try to change the device filter to ‘ARMv7’ or ‘x86’, maybe its set as ‘FAT’ in the project settings cause FAT uses both ARMv7 and x86 architecture(increases build size).
Also you can check the ‘Editor Log’ after compiling a new build. It’ll help you to understand the highly sized textures so that you can reduce them.