Apk export and install on mobile success but after open it dosen't work and exit!

Hello,i made a scene and i added the open scenes then switched the platform to Android and then i set the Player settings as good as and finaly i built the apk file without any error and i installed it on my android phone but after open it shows a black background for 2-3 seconds and then exit !
so what is the problem?
if anyone can help i’m thankful.
i guess my problem is from my sdk,so this my SDK:

And my jdk 7 is set up.

So is my problem from Android SDK or not?
i tested the apk file on android 4.1.2 - 4.4 - 4.2 versions but it dosen’t work.
i’m using of unity 5.3.1f1.

Please help me this is so important for me.

My problem solved ! :slight_smile:

I just updated my unity and it works now.