.apk file built is not compressing much of the original in latest version of unity.

Hey there.
So, I have been practicing unity not for a while now. About a year ago i was working on creating an android game. I was using Unity version 4.5.0 back then. The game has got assets more than 100 mb. But it was compressed and built into an apk file of size 12 mb. That got dropped. Now I kick started my development again using Unity version 5.2.1. The assets of the present work does not even exceed 50 mb. But the apk file built takes 15 mb.

Both the projects have the device filter option as only AMD.

I don’t understand whats going on. I might have done some mistakes. Please guide me through this size optimization. Also notify me if there are any other method to reduce the size of the apk in general.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@abhishekabz004 i’m going to give you a couple of suggestions you can try (i’m going on assumptions here and guessing you might have no used these)

  1. Try changing the Stripping level in player settings to micro mscorlib. this can shave a few mb’s off if your extremely lucky.

  2. change your Api compatibility to net 2.0 subset if its set to net 2.0 and your not using all the net 2.0 functionality .

These are some advice tips below if your unsure on size optimization

  1. Always set your image sizes to be exactly what you need.
  2. on small images, 64x64 for example, disable mip mapping. The performance hit is almost nothing and you dont need to store mip maps.
  3. Remove any excess variables in scripts you are not using

Please let me know if this worked