APK is (much) bigger than uncompressed contents! 2021.3.17f1

Hi folks. Lot’s of conversations about reducing the size of APKs by massaging image compression etc., but this is something else.

Something really weird going on with my android build: APKs are huge, and when I unzip the APK, I find that the contents of the file is much less than the total size of the APK. full-size-test.apk is 1.8GB while it’s contents unzips to 820 MB. Anyone shed any light on this bizarre situation?

I managed to fix this by deleting and rebuilding Library folder.

I noticed that if I moved files to a subfolder of StreamingAssets folder, it seemed to add size of old location content to new location content, but that still doesn’t really explain how the apk was inflated without files being visibible?!