Apk size does not change significantly even if texture sizes are reduced

Hi! I have an android project.

In Editor Log my texture size was around 42 MB and the complete size was 47 MB and the built apk size was around 15 MB.

So I got into texture compression deeply and I was able to reduce texture sizes to 10 MB. And again with the other sizes(dll,audio) are 5 MB , the complete size is now 15 MB but after building I have apk size as 10 MB!!

So after reducing textures from 42 to 10 MB why i cant see a significant change in final apk size?

Going from 15 to 10 MB is a significant change – that’s a 30% drop!

Compressing textures and audio will often yield the quickest savings in terms of build size. You’re already checking your editor log for big assets, which is good.

Remember, though, that Unity needs to include all of the engine files in a build. You can find out how big those are by building a completely empty project. In my experience with Android development, that yields an APK with size around 6-7MB. That can be reduced a little further (check the manual).

Remember also that Unity compresses the files in the APK, on top of whatever compression you’re already using. Some asset types tend to compress more efficiently than others. Exact compression ratios for an entire project are difficult to predict, though, given the nature of the algorithms involved.

The APK compression step isn’t saving as much space, now, because the assets you’re shipping are already compressed. Still, your overall build size is smaller, and that’s good.