APK size increased in android studio


In my project I have used addressable which is around 53 MB and I'm splitting binary as well because there are some vuforia assets in the streaming assets folder. So the OBB file size is 52 MB which is I'm downloading from the server. I need to integrate it with android native project so I'm exporting android project.

When I create build from unity then size of the build is 42 MB where as when I export the android project and build it, size becomes 94 MB. I have used app analyzed in the android studio. In that raw file size is showing different but download size is almost same. I'm attaching screenshots of comparison.
What will the workaround for it?

_Unity Build :_
*8914300--1220827--Unity Build.png*
*Android Studio Build :*
*8914300--1220830--Android Studio Build.png*
*Comparison :*

Maybe configuration issue?
Are you using Release from Unity? I believe Android Studio defaults to debug build, you have to specifically ask to build a release.

I haven't used release from unity. I'm building debug from android studio
Do I need to set anything in unity while creating android export?

When you consider size of your app, you should be using Release build from Unity, regardless of whether you build directly from Unity, or export.
In Android Studio use Build->Select Build Variant

I tried that
There is no change in the raw file size
It's same, release build size in unity 42 MB where as release build size in android studio 94 MB

I figured it out
android:extractNativeLibs="true" this line wasn't added in manifest file after exporting android project. It reduced the size to 42 MB in android studio build

Set it to Release or IL2CPP Master, if your UI image textures are imported as 2D and UI you can further decrease the size of the app by using Mip Map option without screwing with the user interface sprites. Optimize mesh might get you a little bit further if it's 3d, and TBH you can drop a bit any 3d object polygons without much difference on screen.