App crash after LoadLevel from a specific scene

Hello everyone,

I have 4 scenes in my project (0,1,2,3) and a HUD menu to switch between them.

I’m using Application.loadLevel for this. When deployed to Android device, the app crashes when I execute Application.LoadLevel but only from scene 3 to any other scene. It works like a charm from every other scene.

I have tried catching the error using Logcat but without success.

I have an error in the Unity console whenever I stop the gameview or make a build, I’m not sure it’s related to the crash but here it is :

Can't destroy Transform component of 'pivot'. If you want to destroy the game object, please call 'Destroy' on the game object instead. Destroying the transform component is not allowed.

I checked my code but never found any Destroy function with a Transform arg.

Thank you

Thank you for your response.

Yes everything works like a charm from every scene in the editor. All my scenes are added to the build.
I have tried to empty my scene of all gameobjects except a simple scripts responsible of switching scenes and I’ve found that the crash persists.

The solution I found is to make a new scene and to copy all gameobjects to it. It has resolved the error.

I think there was something wrong with the old scene, I guess it had remaining references of objects that have been deleted and not displayed in the scene hierarchy…