App Crash on Android 11 Devices

Please help, my unity game crash when I build on Android 11 (API 30) devices. Android version below 10 is working fine.

I am using Unity 2020.1.1f1.
Minimum API Level (API 19), target API Level (API 30).

These are some of the packages I just updated recently which I think it might be the issue, but I am not sure about it.

Firebase App (Core), Firebase Crashlytics, Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore For Firebase (All Ver 6.15.2)

External Dependancy Manager for Unity Ver 1.2.1

Advertisement (Unity Ads) Ver 3.4.9

In App Purchasing Ver 2.1.1

The tombstone file is attached below, here are part of it.

Version ‘2020.1.1f1 (2285c3239188)’, Build type ‘Release’, Scripting Backend ‘il2cpp’, CPU ‘armeabi-v7a’
Build fingerprint: ‘google/sdk_gphone_x86_arm/generic_x86_arm:11/RSR1.200819.001.A1/6823625:userdebug/dev-keys’
Revision: ‘0’
ABI: ‘arm’
Timestamp: 2020-09-25 01:35:50+1000
pid: 16859, tid: 16902, name: UnityMain >>> com.aubjective.jobmania <<<
uid: 10157
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 0xebaa11a0
r0 00000001 r1 ebf84a00 r2 00003435 r3 aee40f10
r4 ebaa11a0 r5 00000001 r6 aefc6628 r7 00000000
r8 00000002 r9 aefc40c0 r10 00000001 r11 ba5aaac3
ip ba781e84 sp b716fc40 lr b9bfc07c pc ebaa11a0

#00 pc 0001c1a0 /system/lib/

Thanks in advance

Try disabling Unity Ads. I found Unity Ads caused our crashing. Do not know how to fix it yet though.

In the end i isolated ProjectSettings as the culprit and did the following:

back up your project first

  1. Backed up ProjectSettings/ProjectSettings.asset for easy reference in another project so I could double check what settings I had
  2. Replaced ProjectSettings/ProjectSettings.asset with a fresh version from a clean new project that I had confirmed could build a functioning .apk
  3. Repopulated the now missing fields (e.g. icons, intro, project name and version)
  4. Disabled Optimized Frame Pacing (causes crashing on Pixels with Android 11, confirmed with fresh project)
  5. Set Splash Image - Animation to static (apparently caused crash for me, weird)
  6. Built out the project and confirmed working

speculation I had updated the project through 2017, 2018 LTS, 2019 LTS versions over time which might have caused this