App crashes before Unity Logo screen on Android phone

Like the title said, my app crashes even before Unity logo screen.
I install the app on android phone. It works fine at first and I close the app by hand or Application.Quit.
I try to open the app again and it happens.

The black screen opens and then turns off.
I can’t open the app again.

It was OK before. Recently I added the Google login, Admob and IAP. Changed 32bit to 64bit processing.

I am not sure if those plugins cause this error.

What should I see and check? Please help.


Unity has something called Android Logcat (available thorugh the Package Manager). Just connect device to the pc, open logcat and look for red text (errors). From there you can google it. Good luck.

I fixed it myself.
I found out that crash was from ver 1.8.0.
Since my build is over 150mb, I needed the plugin.
After changing it to a lower version(1.7.0), it’s gone.

I was trying to remove an SDK, after which I faced this issue, I solved it by deleting android Manifest (as there were some data related to the old SDK which I removed) and I Resolved it again (which created new Manifest with only related data), I also created custom main template (by checking Custom main template option in the project settings) and just build the project.

The error in the logcat was:
getRecentTasks: mainTaskId=207 userId=0 baseIntent=Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN flag=270532608 cmp=ComponentInfo{} }