App crashing in IOS when scenemanager.loadscene is called

My application is crashing when I call up scenemanager.Loadscene, but only when Its loaded onto the IPhone.

It works fine in Unity and on an Android device. It also works when I try it with simple scenes (e.g. canvas cubes, and some buttons. “Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0)” is coinciding with the crash.


I’m having the same problem here. Did you solve it?

I hope that you’ve made some progress. My application is very heavy in photographs. I was able to reduce the overall load on memory by setting my “Max Size” on all of my textures to 512 (1024 where I wanted to see more detail), and checking the “Override for iOS” box.

if you get memory warnings its no crash, your app gets killed by iOS for not respecting memory warnings.
iOS does not send them to be nice, they are real warnings. ignore them twice and the third will be a kill of the whole app.

you will need to get down the amount of textures you have or use stronger compression likely. you have about 100mb of RAM + VRAM together on ipad if you want to be on the save side with textures that are marked for get pixel being on both (so 2x the ram) and textures loaded through the load commands taking 3-5 times the memory.

also uncompressed audio or “compress on load” audio is up to 10mb ram per minute of audio, so don’t do this for more than a few second audio clips and ensure to kill them once not needed anymore