app freezes when iphone keyboard appears

My game was working fine and is released in iTunes and all is well. However, I am working on some updates and all of a sudden, anytime GameCenter prompts me to login (with a UIAlertView [iPhone pop-up]) or with FBConnect or OpenFeint when I click to type in a field, the keyboard pops up, the cursor never shows in the text field and the app freezes.
It doesn’t matter what I am doing, if it involves the keyboard or an xcode generated pop up, we freeze.
Any ideas?
I am thinking it has to do with the keyboard or alert becoming a first responder but I have no idea. I also don’t know what I changed that would have caused this. Like I said, the released version is fine. Something happened in my recent work on the updates.

I’ve narrowed it down to one script… if I remove it, no lock up, add it, lock up. So, now I need to dig into it… It is in my Main Menu scene. All the xcode/iPhone stuff that pops up a keyboard pops up over this unity scene. The only thing new in this script that I never used before is a GUI rotation. GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot (rotAngle, pivotPoint);
I am commenting that line out and rebuilding.

Will update shortly…

Everything else in that new script is Gui buttons, and labels…

Ok, I have narrowed it down to my GUI.HorizontalSlider. If I comment it out, everything works. If I leave it in, it locks up when the keyboard appears. Anyone know why the GUI.HorizontalSlider is causing a conflict? I am again thinking it has to do with firstresponder status and that the keyboard can not become first responder.