App is not showing on Xcode simulator

After an hour getting the simulator, i launch it and my app is not on the screen, not “installed” on the simulated phone I guess. What issue am I having here? No compile issues, no errors. Build works good on unity and android and I ported it to iOS and I am testing it just for testing purposes. I do not have a developer account nor an Apple Device. Any one have a solution?

Are you following these steps:

  • From Unity, make sure that the target in your Player Settings (for iOS) is set to simulator, not device
  • Build the game (probably leave it as a development build although it shouldn’y matter)
  • When built, open the project in XCode, make sure the target (let left ish) is set to a Simulator
  • Build within XCode and wait for the simulator to launch
  • When it launches, wait a little while and the app should start up. It will then be “installed” on the device for you to test.

A big word of warning though, the simulator is very, very, very, very slow. Even if you can 60fps on an actual device, don’t expect the simulator to match this. Often it’s closer to 5fps which does make testing hard (but not impossible).