App made with unity got rejected because of crash?

Hey guys, well I created an iphone app with Unity iphone 1.5, when I finished the app I switched to Unity Pro 3.3 (the newest)and I made a few changes for the retina display and updated the code.

My code is ok, no problems, I have tested my app on my iPhone 4 version 4.3 (Works PERFECT !!) and the guys from apple keep rejecting my app, they only tell me that it´s crashing when they opent it and the send me a crash log that I can´t replicate and I seriously can´t understand it.

Im really tired of this and I can´t figure out what´s going on!!

Any ideas??

Anything will help…

its a known problem. Look at this thread:

And you can google your problem. I believe they plan to fix it in unity 3.4. But I am not sure if this will actually be the case.

Guys I finally found some info, I emailed the unity support team and in 8 hours the solved my problem.

They are having problems whith the new IOS 4.3, the explanation of our rejections is here:


This made my day, hope it helps everybody.

Thanks Unity Team :wink: