App not opening/working after publishing on Google Play Store

I am having problems after building a android game (Android Google Play Store Bundle Build). I had to change the platforms supported for the Google Play Store 64 bit requirement. Everything was working fine before this change of changing the 64 bit requirement and the that I had to change the file to the Play Store bundle build (.aab) except the usual (.apk) file build. Now once I build with (.aab) and for (x86, ARM32 and ARM64) the build is successful and uploads fine on the Google Play store, but after publishing and everything the app doesn’t open/work after downloading and everything. It just gives the error that “Unfortunately, (app name) has stopped working”.

Any help will be appreciated

Did you solved the issue? I have a same problem. I use IL2CPP ARM 64-bit support and google play bundel setting?
Any idea?

Did you check apk build in x86, ARM32 and ARM64?

I´m having a similar issue too, If I install my app from the .apk directly it works like always had, but if I upload to google play, it gives all sorts of errors.

Hi everyone. I’ve just faced with the same issue - after updating the Unity and checking the both ARMv7 and ARM64 - my game worked find locally on my PC and my phone. But after publishing it in play market, after downloading it from the Play market - almost all functions work incorrectly or even does not work. How is it possible?
I also selected ‘Master’ build version. Can’t figure out how can I fix it…

Does someone have the same issue?