App size after Xcode Build and App store size

So I have a number of issues here but mostly emotional with the fact that none of my textures are over a meg but Unity says some are 2mb when in finder they are about 165 kb but I went through my whole project and compressed everything down. So better performance and I have the quality I’m looking for.

But my main concern is my app size after an Xcode build is about 40mb surprised by this since I don’t have 40mb worth of stuff in Unity but I’m sure unity adds things on export. I really want to be lower than 20mb for the bored movie line stander but I’m totally willing to be over if need be. I just don’t see why it would be so large.

When I throw it into a zip it’s about 17mb maybe. So my question is: Is the size of the app on the iPhone app store the size of your Xcode app pre zip or after? Or is it some other compression apple does after the fact? If so what size would I be looking at in that case? Thank you!

I think the 20MB needs to be the size of the unzipped thingamajig. The real problem is that apple will throw another 4mb on it after you upload it so with unity taking about 15mb and apple adding 4 you have little over 1mb for assets unless you get unity pro which allows you to do some stripping.

It is very hard to get a Unity Project under 20mb so that one does not need wifi to dl it.

it would be nice if apple had a thing where if your app is over 20mb it installs a reminder instead that will allow them to install the app ones they get home. Reality is that if I try to download an app on the road and then find out I cant because its over 20mb, I never go back to it because I just 4get about it or its no longer relevant.