app size on Android

hello I have a problem with app weight on Android... I have an application which only includes scenes, scripts and images... the 3D models in augmented reality are imported from external bundles. When I export the app under IOS, I have no weight problem, the app is less than 80 m... when I export under Android studio even with minify I have a minimum of 350 MB... I don't see I don't know how to do it, even if I delete packages, compress the textures, I don't go below 325 MB... does anyone have an idea that would help me a lot? for info to make the android version I started from the IOS version and I switched but suddenly all my photos changed weight Thank you

Hello. It may help to open the APK and see where the the biggest files in order to identify where the majority of your APK size is coming from. Android and iOS handle app sizes differently, which may explain the differences you're seeing. Here are some tips you can try to reduce the size of your Android app:

  • Shrink your code and resources: You mentioned you're already using minify, try enabling shrinkResources feature in your build.gradle file. (shrinkResources true)
  • Optimize your images: Android's APK size can be reduced considerably by properly optimizing all PNG, JPG, and static images you're using in your Android app.
  • Remove unnecessary generated files: Sometimes Android Studio generates unnecessary files. Check all your drawables and make sure you are not using the same image in different drawables. Check your res folder to see if there is any unused file or something.
  • Remove unused libraries: Check your build.gradle(Module:app) file and remove those libraries you are not using. You could also look at the Package Manager in Unity and remove any installed packages you're using to completely avoid having them in your project.
  • Use Android App Bundle: If you are uploading your app on Google Play, then Android App Bundle is a new upload format that includes all your app’s compiled code and resources, but leaves the actual APK generation and signing to Google Play.

Reach out with more details if you find out what the largest files in your APK are.

Wut? Are you an LLM? Your posts seem generated to me, specifically the tendency to give helpful-adjacent lists as solutions to problems. Give my regards to Remy Greene.

In any case, unless he is loading images via UnityWebRequest or something equivalent that loads the images as is, the rest should be compressed to ETC or ETC2. Reducing the size of the files themselves is nonsense.

@macfry which texture compression format are you using for Android?