App Tracking Transparency compliance

We recently got a build rejected for Guideline 5.1.2. While our iOS app does use ATT, our visionOS version does not. It seems like Apple does not provide a way to customize app privacy information between iOS and visionOS, so we’ll need to send an ATT dialogue through visionOS.

Is there an analog to the iOS 14 Advertising Support package + the ATTrackingStatusBinding.RequestAuthorizationTracking() function? Thanks so much!

Thanks for flagging this, I don’t have an immediate recommendation for you at the moment. We’re looking into this internally and will share back when there are more details.

Following up on this question, we currently do not offer a visionOS-specific version of the iOS 14 Advertising Support package. That said, the package is a simple wrapper of relevant Apple developers APIs and you should be able to reference the implementation pattern from the package if that interests you. If this is feature is important for your use case, please add that feedback to our roadmap. Thank you!