App Updater

Hey guys

I’m writing a relatively simple rpg game in unity. After I release the game I want to be able to add bug fixes and more items and textures to the game. Ideally the app itself could check for a later version / more content and download rather than relying on the users to update through the app store manually.

I’m sure I could write it all from scratch but I’m hoping there is an existing unity tool or asset that does some of the heavy lifting for me already. If anyone has experience with this and can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!


Look at how asset bundles are used.

If you craft your app right way, all the content that you may want to make updateable can be loaded form asset packs. The WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload option can download and cache the desired version. These packs can hold platforms specific built assets and script.

In my project I’m storing all of my levels as asset packs on the server, if connected to the internet I see if there is a new versions of the level it will download the new version. What makes this nice is the user can download small packs of updates only when they need them. However if your game is designed for a lot of offline play and you have critical fixes across the game getting all packs at once may be best.