Apple Mach-O linker Error

Hello, I used this plugin for iAP. I am using javascript in my game, so to call the c# methods, i moved the folder into the plugins folder. when i built the code in xcode, i got mach-o linker errors, over 200 of them. Can i get some help here please.

Here is permanent solution.Generally overwriting project may cause this prolems.Try this method.

Go to your project profile

→ build settings

→ Open “Search path”

→ Open “Framework search path”

→ now,double click on path located

→ there are two paths like

(1) $(inherited)

(2) “$(SRCROOT)/…/…/…/Data/myCodes/He/ed/Nav”

→ remove all data of first and second path…Thats it.

Note : It works only if above two options available in Framework Search Path (Working fine with some cases / UNDO if not work)

I had the same problem.
I made a video to show you how to fix it.