Apple Push Notification with Unity3d?

How do you interface Apple Push Notifications with Unity?

When you compile your game to iOS you get a XCode project. If you need to add anything external to it like iAd, GameCenter or Push Notifications, you should add to this project as you would do to any iOS project, regardless if it's Unity or not.

I am pretty sure the only way to get push notifications as of now with unity is if you install a plugin to unity. You might be able to find the plug in on the unity store, but there also might be some just floating around the internet. It is definitely possible, you might just need to search google and the unity store to find it.

Have a look at our plugin
We also have service to sending and scheduling push notification and doing push analytics as well.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use a 3rd party service. A variety of good 3rd party push notification services exist, some of which also provide a Unity plugin. (Disclaimer: I help run one of these services called GameThrive)
  2. Implement your own backend notification delivery system. A variety of open source push notification server apps exist and work well for smaller notification volumes.

For the client side you can use NotificationServices: Unity - Scripting API: NotificationServices

But you’ll have to write your own server code and it is iOS only solution.

For the complete solution there are the following options.

If you choose using the 3rd party service you can look at GameThrive indeed (it’s now called OneSignal).

But if you want more control & customisation options or just would prefer using your own server for sending the push notifications and not rely on 3rd party services, try using a new asset UTNotifications (it is completely open source and supports iOS & Android on both the Google Play based and Amazon devices). Here is more about it: