apple rejected app due to iphone & iPad resolution mismatch

I submitted an app to the itunes store and apple rejected the app. They commented the following:

Your app did not run at iPhone
resolution when reviewed on iPad.
While your app may be built for iPhone
or iPod, it must still run on iPad, at
iPhone resolution and at 2x iPhone 3GS

Specifically, we found that the top
and bottom of your screens a cut off
when running on an iPad Air running
iOS 7.1.1.

I have used Orthographic camera in the project and I did not write a single line of code. Everything was done by PlayMaker plugin.

i have tested on a borrowed iPad and the game stage is bigger than the camera. I tested it on android phone and and tabs, the camera is very responsive there and fills the screen with the intended resolution.

No what can I do to make game camera responsive for all iOS devices.

You can use this: Controlling Aspect Ratio in Unity

This is a brilliant article and it has code too. :slight_smile:

And for more information on this you can search camera aspect ratio in UA itself.