Application center position


I was wondering how to get the center of the application? So when starting the application i place the application box somewhere on the ground or table.
When the app is loaded I now want my content to appear on that location where I have placed the application box.

Is this in any way possible? Even if I implement a spatial mapping, I still want my content to start right there where I placed the app, so it doesn't just start somewhere in space (as I figured out the start position is where I was when I booted the HoloLens up)

This is not really possible with how the system works currently, mainly because the shell were you place your live tile lives in a different holographic space than the app. When the app starts and is initialized the origin of the world is based on your Head / HoloLens position.

It sounds like you want to do something like fragments were the player scans the room, then once that is completed you look at the mesh and build the level. Once you have a room scan you can find the coffee table or the ground, this might be the way to go. You can combine this with world anchors so that the user can place objects on the first launch of the app, then come back to the app and have all the placed objects were they started.

Okay :(.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a try with manual positioning :).

Thanks a lot!