Application crash when trying to export an anchor with the WorldAnchorTransferBatch


I programmed a Hololens Application with persistant Anchors. Now I'm trying to share these Anchors to another Hololens. Therefore i created a connection comparable to the SharingWithUNET example in the HoloToolkit. Unfortunately I get an error when using the WorldAnchorTransferBatch.ExportAsync function.

Looking for bf881d22-e02d-4c07-a1ff-f5ffdbeda445
found a good mesh mostVerts = 751 processed 6 meshes in 0.3814697 ms
preparing 59cc9e7f-d459-471b-9017-72396889d8e9
exporting 59cc9e7f-d459-471b-9017-72396889d8e9
Failed to world lock serialization failed
Create anchor failed UnknownError 218

Das Programm "****.exe" wurde mit Code -1073741819 (0xc0000005) 'Access violation' beendet.

I found out, that deleting the environment (Settings -> Privacy -> Environment -> Clear environment data) can fix this Problem for a short time. But this also deletes all my persistant anchors in all my applications and is not a useful fix for me.

In my opinion it could be possible that the export needs a large amount of memory and that this amount depends on the size of the scanned environment. So if the environment scan gets too large there is not enough free memory on the Hololens so the application crash.

I observed the system performance section on the HoloLens Device Portal. There I can see that the Commited Memory grow to ~2,5GB directly after starting the anchor export.

Do someone expirienced the same issue or can falsify or verify my assumption and can tell me how i can avoid this problem? This would help me a lot.

Thank you in advance!

Hello, can you file a bug with a min repro so we can investigate. It sounds like there is a memory leak or a crazy amount of information happening at once.

Thank you,