Application does not run on Samsung wearable device (Gear Device) build with Unity


I am building an application using Unity for Samsung Wearable S3 device. Tizen version of the device is 2.3.1.
I have generated the .tpk from Unity and install the same on S3 tizen device using command prompt.

But when I try to launch the application I am getting some error.

RESOURCED ( 2685 : 2685 ) : block.c: block_prelaunch_state(138) > insert data, table num : 1
01-11 10:53:14.719 : ERROR / AUL_PAD ( 3836 : 3836 ) : launchpad_loader.c: main(684) > dlopen failed(/usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20’ not found (required by /opt/usr/apps/ Please complile with -fPIE and link with -pie flag
01-11 10:53:14.779 : ERROR / AUL_PAD ( 3497 : 3497 ) : launchpad.c: __send_result_to_caller(287) > error founded when being launched with 3836
01-11 10:53:14.779 : ERROR /

Then I checked the GLIBC version of my S3 device, the version is 2.13, I think that is the problem. It should have been 2.20.

But there is one application available on Galaxy app store, the app name is “Stack”, that app is working fine on Samsung S3 wearable device.

My Unity version is 5.5.0f3.

Please check and let me know if anyone can provide some insight on this.


I am able to resolve this issue.

It worked with Unity 5.4.3f1 version & Tizen 2.3 Mobile profile.

I know this is an old post,
But I am trying these days to get some basic game to tizen wearable device.
I got to the part where I have a successful tpk build. But can’t seem to get it to the device as tizen studios will not push it to the device.
How did you manage to do it through command line?