Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel - iOS not working as it should

Hi all,

I’ve created a loading screen so that the user isn’t bored whilst waiting for my level to load and I’ve come up against an issue.
When accessing Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel, its always returning as 1. So that when the level isn’t loaded it still outputs it as loaded. This is annoying as it is making it seem like the level is loaded 100% then actually loading the level, leaving a largish wait when it should load at 100%.

I’m using this

     var loadingText : GUIText;
    var percentageLoaded : float = 0;
    function Update () {
     if(Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel("level1") == 1) { 
            loadingText.text = "Level at index 1 has been fully streamed!";
        } else {
            percentageLoaded = Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel("level1") * 100;
            loadingText.text = percentageLoaded.ToString();

Any help will be greatly received! thanks!

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Asynchronous progress reporting in this regards has never worked in any version of Unity Free or Unity Pro.

So basically, you, me, and everyone else are SOL. You can’t animate a loading screen unless using a completely different method of doing so.

This seems stupid, is there another way you’ve come across? I’ve tried checking the scene size against the bytes streamed but this is turning out to be a problem aswell!