Application.internetReachability does not update (on android)

I have an app that requires local network connection (wifi)

I do not need to have internet connection, but must have local access…

I found Application.internetReachability and it has ReachableViaLocalAreaNetwork which seems to do what I need, however it only seems to work at start up

if I start the app without wifi enabled - it tells me no wifi…
if I start the app with wifi enabled - it tells me wifi…

but if I change the wifi state mid game, the state does not update?

is there a way to force refresh the internetReachability?

I need this to work on iOS and Android, I have only tested this on Android so far

you can check the internet connection like this :

 using UnityEngine;
 using System.Collections;
 using System;
 public class NetConnection : MonoBehaviour {
     bool IsInternet=false;
     void Start(){
     void hai(){
     IEnumerator checkInternetConnection(Action<bool> action){
         WWW www = new WWW("");
         yield return www;
         if (www.error != null) {
             action (false);
         } else {
             action (true);
     void OnGUI(){
         GUI.Label(new Rect(0,400,150,100),""+IsInternet);