Application.LoadLevel() changes lighting for some reason

I’m making a very simple game.

So i would use


from MainScene.

However, for some reason whenever the game change scene to TestScene, the lighting darkens dramatically.

My UNITY version 5.2.0f3, so issue 648669 not fixed!

Also I read article , but I cant find “Window → Lighting → Lightmap Tab → Disable Continuous Baking → Press Build” in my Unity Editor. Just Window → Lighting → but no Lightmap Tab there, only (Object,Scene,Lightmaps)

And there are nothing in it called " Continuous Baking". how can I fix it?

but no Lightmap Tab there, only (Object,Scene,Lightmaps)

That’s the one you’re looking for :slight_smile:
There’s a checkbox labeled “Auto” (it can actually be found on any of these three tabs), just disable it and hit “Build” once.