Application.LoadLevel(); Changes lighting

Hello. I am making an ios game, and I tried to create a script that changes scenes. It does, but, when it changes the screen, It deletes the light, even though I do have one in my build. Basically, I can not find my light anywhere in the hierarchy, cannot see it in scene mode, and the screen turns meshes black. I do not know why unity deletes the light. Does the error in the light mean anything, and, if so, how do I fix it?

Sorry, unity won’t allow any more attachments, but, when you switch scenes, the light disappears. It really disappears, I am not being hasty. It is not in the hierarchy, I cannot see the gizmo, nothing. The meshes turn black. Please help me out. Thanks!

The light is a gameobject and gets deleted when you change scene. You can use the DontDestroyOnLoad call to counter this: