Application.LoadLevel not working (UGDE book)

Hi I’ve been going through Will GoldStones book “Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials” but have hit a problem in Chapter 9, page 320 which related to the Application.LoadLevel function. I’ve been coding in C# and following the book to create a menu scene. In the book it say I will get an error because the Build Settings haven’t been configured, but I don’t get an error. So I continued anyway and completing the Build Settings as described in the book.

I have 2 scenes, the Menu Scene (called “Menu”) and the game scene (called “Island”). from the code and the explanation in the book if I click on the play roll-over button I should should hear a beep (which I don’t) and the Island scene should load. but its not loading. I have posted on the books website several days ago but its still says “comment is awaiting moderation”.

Can anyone see or suggest what is wrong? I’m guessing its going to be something really simple but I’m just not seeing it

alt text

Try OnMouseUp() with a capital U.