Application.LoadLevel question

Greetings Unity dev community!

(First i’d like to apologize myself for any english mistake, it`s not my mother-tongue. Said that, let’s go to my question. :P)

I don’t really know if it’s a bug or not, but i didn’t see no one on the Internet giving comments about that (and i searched a lot before ask here).

Basically, I have a game (iOS build) with two scenes, the first is the Main Menu and the second the game itself. I didn’t begin the artistic part yet (character model, enemies model, ambient, and so forth) so i’m using all the primitives objects gave by Unity (Cubes, planes - without any material etc) but the main ideia of the game works properly - with a few things to work on, but it’s everything fine.
Except that:

When i’m in play mode and load the game scene from the main menu scene - triggered by a cliked button (or if i load the main menu scene from the game scene, also triggered by a cliked button) all things change their original color (either in the game and #scene tabs) to something like a sepia tone. Strangely, when i stop the play mode everything returns to its original state, it happens only when i’m play mode (or Unity pause mode) and the actual scene came from a loadLevel call. Is that a bug (on Unity, my GPU, code etc) or it’s everything fine and that is just the way Unity says to me, that i’m noob and it’s just that there’s different scene loaded in play mode?

EDIT1: SS from my Unity

1 - That pic represents the normal color and illumination of my scene. This is how the scene looks if i simply hit play on Unity.

2 - This one is how my scene looks if i came to that scene from an application.loadlevel method call.

Edit>Preference>Color>Playmode tint

@fafase you gave me the right direction to solve the problem. Thank you so much. :smiley:

When the level reload itself or load another, the default skybox was being used on Environment Lighting section on the lighting windows, and this is why my lighting on game scene was becoming strange. I removed the skybox and everything works as expected. (: