Application.LoadLevel Strange Problem

Hi guys! i’ve got a strange problem with Application.LoadLevel(Application.loadedLevel)… When i load the level in windows the level restart normally, but when the scene restart in android it doesn’t work… beacuse all object are named Deleted Object… i don’t understand… Can someone help me please?
this is the code in void Update:

bool Ricomincia_premuto = CrossPlatformInputManager.GetButton("Bottone_ricomincia");
if (Ricomincia_premuto == true) {

Be sure you add the level you want to load in your build settings : Load the scene in the editor then in Edit->Build Settings : click on “Add Current”

Maybe you did this on WIndows Mode, but not when you change it to Android.

Ok, i’ve fixed it changing .GetButon with .GetButonUp… I tryed random and it works xD