Application.persistentDataPath changed from LocalLow to Local?

I just updated my project from 5.6 to the 2018 beta.

I noticed my saves are missing because Application.persistentDataPath has changed (from and to):

C:\Users\Michael\AppData\LocalLow\LionShield\Kingdoms and Castles
C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\LionShield\Kingdoms and Castles

Why has this changed from LocalLow to Local?
If I were to push the change live without some fixing, no one would be able to access their old saved data. :confused:

Is there a way to correct this or some setting that I need to configure?



@mpeddicord - Same issue when running from the editor. I believe executable builds still use locallow but I quickly reverted back to 2017 stable release as I needed to be able to quickly debug both editor and executable builds and this was a fairly big issue I didn’t had time to deal with. Hopefully this is solved soon so I can get back on the beta