ApplicationLoadLevel on Collision

I have two objects that when collides with each other will open a new level. But I noticed when the objects collide, the application paused for approximately 10 secs or more before opening the new level. Is there a way that when two objects collide a new level will open smoothly and faster without the application pausing for a long time?

Suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you.

try using this may help you.
Also you may use some Loader scene.

Well, the time the game is pausing I believe is the time your new level takes to load, as you don’t have unity pro, what you could do is exactly what @whydoidoit said, have 2 cameras and switch it.

Or you could have a loadLevelScene, that would be a scene with a very low size(so it would load really fast) and have it to load your desired level.