Apply a shader to a camera

Hello everyone!
I’m having a problem with applying shaders and materials to a camera. I want to apply the next shader to a camera and I followed every step, but it doesn’t apply:

I’ve been told that it is because URP does not longer support this application way. It is for a really important university research, so I would be really grateful. Thank you all!

Yes, URP is part of SRP and no longer allows for OnRenderImage, but you can achieve the same behavior using the ScriptableRenderPass API:

You can then use the Blitter to blit the camera texture with a material using the lens distorsion shader, like in the example above.

Thank you very much. At the end I’ve just lowered the version of unity to be able to aply it in the old way. But I’ll take this in account in the future. Thank you again!