Apply Materials in Blender or Unity ?


I have a few questions for the planning of a game.
It’s a simple “Shoot a target” game.

I have no idea if i should apply the texures and materials in Blender and Export to .FBX or apply the materials and textures in Unity ?

Which is best for the best results, even if the Workflow is slown down.

And any tips for textures and materials in Unity for better results would be appreciated.



Remember that Blender’s materials are not at all similar to Unity’s. You will have to find an appropriate shader for what you are doing (just find one that looks right, and if you can’t, see if you can hack one to look more like what you want). As for textures- just export the .blend to an fbx, you won’t have to worry about Unity not having the right .blend importer, and make sure you have baked all your textures and properly UV mapped all your objects, and just assign them in Unity.

Arn’t all maps UV? it’s kinda the idea of a map isn’t it? You surely mean Diffuse. Unity doesn’t have normal maps - well they do - it’s just renamed to bump maps…