Applying a Large Texture Map to a Terrain

I’ve been using L3DT to generate terrain, and then exporting the heightmaps to unity. Nothing against the terrain toolkit, but I’m not really digging the tiling that occurs when it textures the map, and the shaders have been giving me a whole bunch of other problems. I noticed that you can export the texture map of the generated terrain from L3DT into an image format. I was wondering if Unity has any built in methods of just using that single large texture as terrain’s alphamap. I guess Tom’s terrain tools has some sort of feature similar to this, but I’d prefer to not drop $30 into a non-essential problem like this. I can upload the normals/texturemaps/heightmaps if anyone wants to see what I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance

You could try setting (in the terrainInspector under paint) the tiling to 10,000 or so (so one tile fills the map) and maybe play with offset to center it.

But, the Unity terrain painter can make beautiful, artifact-less detailed terrains, with some practice. The “multiple textures / tilings + fully paintable controlTexture/Splatmap” is pretty standard.